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**Gamer Assembly Presents:** the Episode Guide

Episode 1: TPKs

In our inaugural episode. Brent hosts Nat, Matt, and Tresi. As we talk about TPKs. What is a TPK? That stand for Total Party Kill. Are they good for a campaign or not? What about One off games and what are our experiences from both sides of the table? Tune in to find out.

Other topics in the show

  • TPK - Total party Kill. An event or encounter in which the entire party of characters is killed.
  • SessionZero - A game session before your game begins where the group discusses expectations and maybe even builds characters for the game.
  • FATE - An RPG Matt is blissfully ignorant of at least as far a writing a 1 second blurb
  • DnD - The oldest known professionally published RPG.
  • Torchbearer - A misery simulator.

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