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Here is where we are putting in our shirt orders. In lieu of any more information regarding specific dimensions of the shirts, just put down what size shirt you figure you'll need. Other than that, your name/handle, plus however many shirts you want. The design of the shirt is here, for reference. The shirt color will be charcoal gray, with the logo in white ink. Shirts will be 13$ each with shipping in the US of $5.66, international shipping is $16.95 . Shirts come in adult sizes from small to 3XL and child sizes x small to XL. Verify sizing against this set of guidelines.

To order a shirt shoot an email to titled “shirt order” with your internet handle or name, size of shirt you want and quantity along with shipping info if required. Those attending PAX East can pick up their shirts at the event. Required payment upfront is just the price of the shirt. Shipping isn't required until I'm preparing to ship the shirts. Payments can be made through PayPal via

Shipping and addresses are due NOW. Please make sure you send them and mark off if you're all paid up. If you still want a shirt, you can still get one.

hyperform–M–1 -paid

DeusInnomen–XL–1 -paid

debhaal - m - 1

adam - 2XL - 1 -paid


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