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Welcome to the Gamer Assembly

Welcome to the Gamer Assembly, a community and set of tools for tabletop RPG game masters and players. Here's what we've got:

Join us at PAX East on Saturday, April 7 at 12:30pm in the Merman Theatre. We'll have an awesome door prize.

We have lots of ideas for community projects:

  • 3 Generations After The End, our post-apocalyptic setting (active)
  • Solo adventure for players, introducing them to D&D 4E mechanics
  • 4E Near-future black ops
  • 4E Cyberpunk
  • An original world
  • Terrain and Traps
  • Good monsters
  • Epic Threats
  • Re-engineering Epic Tier
  • Big April Fools' prank, across all our blogs
  • Advent calendar next Christmas
  • In-chatroom workshops; topics include:
    • Character creation
    • Are evil PCs fun?
    • A “reasonable” approach to PC death (a middle ground between “PCs never die” and “PCs are pincushions”)

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