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Welcome to the Gamer Assembly

Welcome to the Gamer Assembly, a community and set of tools for tabletop RPG game masters and players.


Join the assembly and communicate via Web Chat, IRC, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

Join us at PAX East on Friday, April 7 at 7:00pm in the Merman Theatre. We'll have an awesome door prize.


Check out the Blog, FAQ or explore the wiki Resources.


Each Monday we gather the best of the web into the Weekly Assembly. Each week is in it's original format, and go into the Weekly Assembly Bin, where they wait for the Stewards to move them to relevant resource page on the wiki.

We're collecting D&D Next articles on a special page.

Special Projects

The current bog theme is Modern Gaming.

Check out our PDF Products on RPGNow! The Call to Assembly is also in Print!

We're currently working on a Modern Update to 4e called Modern Assembly.

Some projects not yet fully formed are the Forum, and the Q&A area.

Check out Projects for previous successes and future planning.

(Note: You can only edit pages on this wiki if you've created an account. For those interested, see our PopularityIndex.)

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