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Welcome to the Gamer Assembly

Welcome to the Gamer Assembly, a community and set of tools for tabletop RPG game masters, players, and designers.


The Gamer Assembly is most active live chatting on web chat via IRC. You can also find us on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.


In addition to the Links Database, check out the FAQ or explore wiki Resources.

For our panel videos, check out Worldbuilding 101 Video, Tabletop System Wars Video, and Tabletop 101 Video.

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Our Latest Game is called The Explorer's Tale, and it facilitates worldbuilding with an audience. Click here for a PDF. Physical copies are available for a small fee plus postage. Contact twwombat for more details.

Our Latest Supplement is the Harvest Festival Monster Party, a set of themed monsters for D&D 5th Edition. It includes 5 explanations of how the monsters work together, a backstory for the adventure with ideas for expanding the adventure into a campaign, and a table of Bad News that requires the PCs to re-think their approaches every 30 minutes of game time.

Check out Projects for previous successes and future planning, including BrianLiberge's rules module Modern Assembly and the Shattered Seas setting.

Some projects not yet fully formed are the Forum, and the Q&A area.

Check out our products on DriveThruRPG and Lulu:

We're also noodling around with a Role-Player's Retreat

News Archive

The Weekly Assembly is no longer going out each week. You can still find the best of the web in our sporadic updates on the Blog. Each post is archived in its original format. Visit the Links Database for a searchable version of all these links.

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