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-Gamer dude...+An Old Gamer...
-[[irc://​irc.gamerassembly.net:​6667/​GamerAssembly|IRC chat]] ​ System Operator. The [[http://​chat.mibbit.com/?​channel=%23GamerAssembly&​server=irc.gamerassembly.net|web interface is here]].+[[irc://​irc.gamerassembly.net:​6667/​GamerAssembly|IRC chat]] ​ System Operator. ​ 
 +The [[http://​chat.mibbit.com/?​channel=%23GamerAssembly&​server=irc.gamerassembly.net|web interface is here]].
 A member of The [[:Stewards of the Assembly]] A member of The [[:Stewards of the Assembly]]

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