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Zeppelins vs. Pterodactyls

This is a board/card game.

You are flying a zeppelin over a Lost World that is itself filled with dinosaurs and natives.

Play terrain cards each turn to show what kind of terrain you're flying over, and each terrain card shows what you roll to determine the critters that are roaming the land below:

T-Rex Crashed Zeppelin crew Crazed natives

There's always the danger of pterodactyls attacking the zeppelin. You can attack pterodactyls even if they're not attacking your ship.

Pterodactyls can have gear strapped to them. They can crash, so the zeppelin can swoop low to recover the gear, but this increases the danger from critters.

Open question: What do different players do? Is each player a crewmember on the zeppelin, or does each player control a different Zeppelin that's wandering the Lost World?

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