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Zeppelins vs. Pterodactyls

This is a board/card/dice game. All dice are six-sided.

You are flying a zeppelin over a Lost World that is itself filled with dinosaurs and natives.


To begin the game, lay out the deck of terrain cards into a 6×6 grid. Each player places a zeppelin on top of one terrain card on the border of the terrain.

When each player starts the game–and every time their zeppelin moves into another square–that players examines the terrain card on which their zeppelin is placed. The card shows the various critters available. Roll a die to determine the critters that are on the terrain. Critters include:

  • T-Rex
  • Apatosaurus
  • Crazed natives
  • Crashed Zeppelin crew

Then, roll dice to determine the location of the five pterodactyls. Roll 1 die for row and 1 die for column.


Play proceeds in rounds. Each player has a turn in each round. The pterodactyls also have a turn in each round, and they always go first.

Starting The Round: Pterodactyls

At the beginning of each round, each pterodactyl will attack the nearest zeppelin. Roll a die; normal pterodactyls hit a zeppelin that is adjacent or in the same square on 5 or 6, while cannon pterodactyls hit on 4-6. From one square away, a pterodactyl will hit on 6, cannon pterodactyls on 5-6.

Player Turns: Moving

At the start of her turn, the player must move her zeppelin to an adjacent square that does not already contain a zeppelin. Zeppelins cannot stop.

A zeppelin can, upon entering terrain, lower or raise its altitude (there are only two heights; “treetop” and “high”). If a zeppelin is at treetop height, it will immediately grab whatever salvage or treasure that exists on the terrain card (or has crashed there), but immediately faces an attack from one of the critters on the card (see the terrain card for a list of critters and attacks). A card's critter must be defeated before the salvage or treasure on that card may be taken.

A crashed zeppelin (see below) will provide 5 cannonballs to the zeppelin raiding it. The crashed zeppelin will continue to have infinite ammunition.

Player Turns: Attacking

After moving, each zeppelin can attack the critter on its terrain, another zeppelin, or a pterodactyl. A zeppelin can hit an enemy in its own square or an adjacent square on a 4-6, one square away on 5-6, and two squares away on 6. However, zeppelins only have 10 shots.

Each zeppelin can be hit six times, while a pterodactyl can only take one hit.

If a cannon pterodactyl is hit it crashes to the ground, and becomes salvage.

Crashed Zeppelins

Upon its 6th hit, the zeppelin crashes, but the player may now play a crashed zeppelin crew, which can take potshots at the still-flying zeppelins. A grounded zeppelin has a better chance of hitting other zeppelins: 3-6 for an adjacent zeppelin, 4-6 for a zeppelin one square away, etc.

Also, grounded zeppelins have infinite ammunition.


The first zeppelin to travel to 20 different squares, or that collects 3 treasures, wins the game.

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