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This is a project among the Stewards of the Assembly, to build a post-apocalyptic setting.

We plan to release content for the setting throughout the month of January 2012, culminating in a nicely-formatted PDF released in February.


The Apocalypse Introduced Magic

The sky collapsed. The sun vanished. The moon cracked. Waves plunged the cities into the sea. Airplanes fell from the sky.

And the wizards, warlocks, and witches of olden times returned. These may be related.

The wizards (which is what most people call those with magical ability) soon began creating armies of strange beasts and beast-men, many of whom still survive in clusters around the world.

Wizards Are Powerful And Feared

Though there are quite a few low- to medium-powered wizards running around, the public imagination sees wizards as super-powerful, quasi-immortal beings who can morph reality to their will and rule their fiefdoms.

Techno-Priests Control the Cities

Within the crumbled cities of yore, the Priesthood has arisen to preserve the technology of the past. In some places, they are merely the preservers of vast archives of knowledge. In others, they subdue and rule those living in their cities, demanding tribute and sacrifices.

Savage Nature Abhors Technology

The deeper one presses into the wild forests and jungles of the world, the less technology functions.

Regions Are Controlled By Wizards Or Warlords

Open, habitable spaces are usually split up into small nation-states, ruled by a wizard or a warlord.

The Valley

The Valley itself is a fertile, gentle area. Half is controlled by a wizard, and the other by a warlord. They hate each other's guts.

Near the Valley is a large forest, full of weird creatures. Many believe that someone or something within the forest has created many of these creatures, and controls them for some dark purpose.

On the other side of the Valley is a large, crumbling city that has a fairly large settlement–hundreds of people, at least. The city is ruled by the Priesthood, which is opposed by a significant underground resistance movement. The city is a dangerous place for outsiders, as the sewers beneath contain many creatures and scavengers.


  • BrentNewhall will write posts explaining the setting, describing the wizard's kingdom, describing the warlord's kingdom, listing about 6 monsters, and listing a few bad guys.
  • BrianLiberge has volunteered to write an article on races, and another on divine technology (something like how to make the cleric a hacker)
  • DeusInnomen has volunteered to add a faction that actively opposes the wizards, possibly a group who studies magic dampening powers and uses it to hunt lesser wizards.
  • twwombat has volunteered to work out the Priesthood and underground resistance in the city.
  • debhaal has volunteered to provide a D&D 4E mutant power mechanic

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