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-Workspace for ideas for 4e Modern+Modern Assembly
-Base Skills:+GoalCreate a module of rules to update 4e for a Modern, or slightly future setting, by adding material to the existing 4e game, without taking anything away. We're also looking to keep options simple where ever possible.
-Acrobatics +There are no new Classes. Modern weapons are added to existing Simple, Military and Superior labels. New skills can be added with backgrounds. 
-Arcana + 
-Athletics +This is not a monthly theme, but an ongoing project.  
-Bluff + 
-Dungeoneering +The draft rules are now available for playtesting. [[https://docs.google.com/open?id=0ByWLkLp99JbaNE5BblBkNm85cms|Modern Assembly Beta Rules]] [[https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByWLkLp99Jbad2ZHeGdMMlZYN3c/edit|Playtest Feedback Form]] 
-Heal + 
-History +---- 
-Insight + 
-Intimidate + 
-Mechanics (drivingflyingmachine maintenance and repair) +=== Backgrounds === 
-Nature + 
-Perception +**Backgrounds are Done** 
-Religion + 
-Science (computer useexperimentationanalysis+=== Equipment === 
-Stealth + 
-Thievery+**Mundane Equipment is Done** 
 +=== Skills === 
 +**Skills are Done**:  
 +=== Themes === 
 +Instead of adding Modern ClassesThemes will be used to update existing class abilities. For examplemany of a soliders key traits are covered in the Fighter or Ranger classes. A scholar might have a base class of Artificer, Rogue or Wizard. 
 +**For the First Draft:** We should have 4 to 6 playable themes. 
 +Ideas for Themes: 
 +  * Academic: These peoples are focussed on knowledge. They may experts on the paranormal or as ordinary as physics professors. Examples include Rupert Giles, Henry Jones Sr., and Temperance "Bones" Brennan. **Done:**  
 +  * Detective: Someone who specializes in figuring out a situation. Modern Examples include Batman, Dick Tracy and Indiana Jones. **Became Analyst** 
 +  * Driver: This kind of character gets special bonuses and utility powers when behind the wheel. Examples include Speed Racer, Dominic Toretto , and Starbuck. **Dropped** 
 +  * Faceman: This character interacts with people with their charm. They might be a convincing statesman, drop dead sexy, or a master of disguise. Examples include James Bond, Templeton "Face" Peck (The A-Team)and Elizabeth Lochley. **Done:**  
 +  * Fated: This character had adventure thrust upon them but somehow manages to survive and even thrive. Examples include XanderKagome, Katniss or Stephanie Plum. **Done:**  
 +  * Jack of All Trades: This character is a key fifth man. He's managed to get good at a little bit of everything. Examples include Michael Weston, Ash (Evil Deadand Riddick. **Dropped due to Vagueness** 
 +  * Mechanic: Not just an automotive mechanic, but someone skilled in fixing or building modern equipment. Examples include MacGuyver, Forge or Kaylee from Firefly. **Done:** [ 
 +  * Wingman: These character thrive in a team environment. They may do well by themselves but they excel when supporting others. Examples include Robin, Dr Watson, and Chewbacca. **Done:**  
 +=== Wealth === 
 +**Wealth is Done:**  
 +=== Weapons === 
 +**For the First Draft:** We need a sampling of some common Modern Weapons. **Done:**  
 +Future Expansion: 
 +  * Automated Weapons: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sentry_gun|Sentry Gun, for example]] 
 +  * Support Weapons: Grenade Launcher 
 +=== Vehicles === 
 +**For the First Draft:** While it would be nice to have vehicle rules in the First Draft, but since some people can access the below, this is a low priority. **Dropped** 
 +There was an article in Dungeon 188 that covered vehicles in Gamma World, that can be downloaded [[http://www.wizards.com/dnd/files/188_GW_PedalToMetal.pdf|here]]. 
 +Reference: [[http://dmg42.blogspot.com/2011/08/4e-modern-wealth-and-omega-tech.html|DMG 42's Vehicles]], [[http://dmg42.blogspot.com/2011/09/4e-modern-vehicles-chase-scenes.html|DMG 42's Chase Scene]]

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