The following blogs are open to outside submissions, mostly without financial compensation. They're an excellent way to get your name out to new people and get practice working with editors, setting deadlines, and producing content for public consumption. Your first step is to look over the site, read what kind of content they produce and read their submission guidelines. Here's a hint, they might not be posted. Hit the contact page and send them a query.

  • Daily Encounter More than encounters, but exclusively for D&D 4e.
  • Dragon Age Oracle Content for the AGE system and Dragon Age.
  • Dice Monkey General RPG bloggery.
  • D&D Dads Less about gaming itself, and more about being a father and a gamer.
  • Hereticwerks A little bit everything RPG, with a focus on indie games.
  • The Illuminerdy D&D and some of everything else.
  • Kobold Quarterly A magazine and publishing company but it takes open submissions for its front page.
  • StufferShack Takes articles for any system, but offers a lot of content for D&D 4e, FATE and Mass Effect.

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