This page lists useful tools for players and GMs.

Random Generators

Note: This list is for generators of names. For maps, see Map Generators below.

  • Random City Map Generator creates a reasonable top-down map of a medieval-style city, complete with roads, rivers, a possible port, etc. The drawing is simple, but the towns always look realistic.

Random Language Generator

Miscellaneous Generators


  • Onomastikon is a huge list of names from around the world, grouped by civilization.


101 Fantasy City, Town, and Village Maps is exactly what it claims to be.

Dyson's Dodecahedron features dozens of very high-quality maps.

Parasite Designs Offers oodles of Creative Commons released black & white dungeon maps.

Map Generators

Online Tools for Any System

D&D 4E Online Tools

Online Tools for Other Systems

Articles for Players

Articles for Game Masters

Articles for Freelancers

D&D 4E Options (Rules, Powers, Themes, Classes, etc.)

Open Source Monsters

Open Source Items

RPG Design

Free Adventures

Orc and Pie, D&D 3.5/Pathfinder. Also see the web enhancement and the D&D 4E skill challenge version

Free Settings

Game Reviews

Actual Plays

Articles About D&D As Phenomenon (Edition Wars, etc.)

The D&D 5E "Games Are Dying" Kerfuffle

D&D Next

Regular Roundups

Everything Else

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