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Gamer Assembly Presents: the Episode Guide

Episode 1: TPKs

Episode 1: TPKs - In our inaugural episode. Brent hosts Nat, Matt, and Tresi. As we talk about TPKs. What is a TPK? That stand for Total Party Kill. Are they good for a campaign or not? What about One off games and what are our experiences from both sides of the table? Tune in to find out.

Other Topics Discussed in this episode

Other topics in the show

  • TPK - Total party Kill. An event or encounter in which the entire party of characters is killed.
  • Session 0 - A game session before your game begins where the group discusses expectations and maybe even builds characters for the game.
  • Fate/Fate+ - An RPG Matt is blissfully ignorant of at least as far a writing a 1 second blurb
  • Dungeons and Dragons - The oldest known professionally published RPG.
  • Torchbearer - A misery simulator.

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