This article focuses on ways to actually set up and play a tabletop RPG on the internet.

This article is not about online tools to support face-to-face table play.

Scheduling a Game

To schedule a game, I prefer to use – It's a free online scheduler. You create a proposal and mark off a few suggested time slots on whatever dates you're free. You'll then get a link to a poll.

Using Google+ Video Hangouts

Create a post on Google+ (or anywhere else you'd like) asking people to fill out the Doodle poll, and include the link to the Doodle poll.

When you have enough votes on the poll, go to Google+. Create an Event (on the left-hand bar, click “Events,” then click the “Create an Event” button) at the most popular time and date. Invite the people who voted for that time and date in the Doodle poll.

When it's time for the game, go to Google+. click the Hangouts button, type the appropriate people's names to add them to the Hangout, then click the Video icon to start a video Hangout with them. Boom!

Using Google+ Communities

If you want to play a game using text posts, you can use Google+ Communities, which are subject-specific forums within Google+. Anyone can create a Community.

On the left-hand bar, click “Communities,” then click the “Create community” button. Invite anyone that you want to play.

Create Categories (sub-forums) for off-topic conversation, in-character role-playing, and setting-specific information.

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