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The Pitch

cdn2-b.examiner.com_sites_default_files_styles_image_content_width_hash_64_8b_23_420.jpg We want to build the next generation of GMs. To do that, we're going to sequester 20 special GMs for an intense 3-day retreat, and teach them to be great GMs.

The Role-Player's Retreat is a 3-day workshop for role-players, providing recommendations and feedback on GMing. Only 20 gamers may attend.

If you are able to attend, you will…

  • …play 3 games that will stretch your GMing experience (Fiasco? Burning Wheel? Freemarket?)
  • …attend focused lectures and Q&A's by experienced GMs. Some lecturers would attend physically, while others would be on Hangout. Advice will include:
    • How to prep
  • …run at least 1 game with a group that will provide specific feedback on your major strengths and weaknesses

We will launch a Kickstarter to pay for the hotel and other event expenses. Up to 5 backers at a high backer level will automatically get in.

Stretch goals will fund:

  • Video cameras and personnel to record the lectures. We will release those lectures online for anyone to watch.
  • On Air broadcasting of all lectures and Q&A's.
  • Same as above to record the games.

Feedback will not focus on your weaknesses. Instead, we will do two things: 1) identify your strengths and push them even higher, and 2) find any show-stopping weaknesses and find ways to mitigate them. Using a Fate Dice metaphor, we want to focus on making your +2's and +3's into +4's, and work around your -3's and -4's.


Scratch Pad for Ideas

Scratch pad: Here's a rough list of GM attributes to rate:

  • speaking voice
  • acting
  • clarity of interaction
  • grasp of adventure/materials
  • grasp of rules
  • use of tokens/markers
  • energy
  • sharing the spotlight

The process for reviewers: just before you start playing, set a timer to go off every 10 minutes. When the timer goes off, look at the above list and choose one attribute. Watch the GM's ability with this attribute until the timer goes off again. Note anything relevant.

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