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 ====== Stewards of the Assembly ====== ====== Stewards of the Assembly ======
 +<sub>[[http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/steward|Steward]] (noun)
 +A person who manages another's property or financial affairs; one who administers anything as the agent of another or others.</sub>
-The Gamer Assembly has no formal leadership. The names below are the Stewards of the group, guiding discussion and untangling problems as they arise. You can usually find many Stewards lurking on the [[irc://irc.gamerassembly.net:6667/GamerAssembly|IRC chat channel]].+The Gamer Assembly has no formal leadership. We are gamers who like to play, write for, and talk about games. We don't see the need for much structure at present, and all decisions to date have been debated and accepted through informal discussion. 
 +The names below are the Stewards of the group who have been involved with past decisions. Stewards serve The Gamer Assembly and take responsibility for the comfort and enjoyment of visitors. Stewards may fill several roles: providing content, guiding discussions, or untangling problems as they arise. You can usually find several Stewards lurking on the [[irc://irc.gamerassembly.net:6667/GamerAssembly|IRC chat channel]].
   * [[wiki:user:BrentNewhall|BrentNewhall]]   * [[wiki:user:BrentNewhall|BrentNewhall]]
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   * [[wiki:user:doc|doc]]   * [[wiki:user:doc|doc]]
   * [[wiki:user:hyperform|hyperform]]   * [[wiki:user:hyperform|hyperform]]
 +  * [[wiki:user:paulbaalham|paulbaalham]]
 +  * [[wiki:user:thedandmom|thedandmom]]
 +  * tresi
   * [[wiki:user:twwombat|twwombat]]   * [[wiki:user:twwombat|twwombat]]
   * [[wiki:user:WolfSamurai|WolfSamurai]]   * [[wiki:user:WolfSamurai|WolfSamurai]]
   * [[wiki:user:zed|Zed]]   * [[wiki:user:zed|Zed]]

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