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Brent came up with an idea for a panel to run at PAX East 2015: Build a World in an Hour. We talked about how to handle that without the whole thing devolving into Mad Max-style chaos and violence, and we ended up developing a game around the idea: The Explorer's Tale.

First Print Version: We finished the first version of the rules and printed out 111 copies to give away at PAX East. It has not yet been playtested, and we would welcome any feedback you're willing to share.

The PDF version is free. The Explorer's Tale (488 KB)

Please let us know about your experiences with the game. Feel free to drop by the webchat and let us know how it went for you. We're always up for talking about games, and we'd love to hear about the worlds you create.

If you have a writeup about playing the game and /or the world you created with The Explorer's Tale, please let us know and we'll link to it here.

Licensing: We've licensed The Explorer's Tale CC-BY, so feel free to hack, remix, fold, spindle, and mutilate the rules as long as you credit The Gamer Assembly. We'd also appreciate knowing about derivative games in addition to being mentioned in the credits.

Possible upcoming articles:

  • More discussion about framing the initial scene. Is this a new continent? A world? A system of planets?
  • Possible strategies for each of the three roles to create and overcome conflict successfully.
  • Fleshing out the roles, including more guidelines and tips for working with anonymous audience members.
  • Other topics as needed.

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