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 ====== The Weekly Assembly ====== ====== The Weekly Assembly ======
 +**Note: As of June 2012, links are now stored in the [[http://gamerassembly.net/links|Links Database]].**
 On this page, we link to our blog posts of the week under At Home and other interesting links under Abroad. Every Monday morning around 7AM Eastern (Noon GMT), [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:twwombat|twwombat]] posts this page to [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net|blogs.gamerassembly.net]], then clears it out for the next week. On this page, we link to our blog posts of the week under At Home and other interesting links under Abroad. Every Monday morning around 7AM Eastern (Noon GMT), [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:twwombat|twwombat]] posts this page to [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net|blogs.gamerassembly.net]], then clears it out for the next week.
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 //Articles posted here on [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net|The Gamer Assembly]].// //Articles posted here on [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net|The Gamer Assembly]].//
-  * **Only 4 Gaming Days Until [[http://east.paxsite.com/|PAX East]]!** If you'll be in Boston on Easter weekend April 6-8, you owe it to yourself to attend the best gaming con. Three-day passes have sold out, but you can still pick up day passes. **We'll be there running the "Fix Your RPG Problems with the RPG Doctor and Gamer Assembly" panel on Friday, April 6 at 7 pm in the Merman Theatre.** Will we see you there?+  * **__The Call To Assembly, Volume 2__, our 2nd collection of Gamer Assembly posts** is now available as a free PDF at [[http://www.rpgnow.com/product/101605/Call-to-Assembly%2C-issue-2|RPG Now]] and as a not-free printed magazine at [[http://www.lulu.com/shop/brent-newhall/call-to-assembly-issue-2/paperback/product-20079752.html|Lulu]]!
-  * **April's Blog Theme at The Gamer Assembly is "Gaming Fools", covering the outlandish, crazy, and over-the-top games and situations that grace every table at least once.** Have a gonzo RPG article ideaContact us for guest blogger opportunities!+  * [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net/2012/05/doctor-who-in-marvel-heroic-roleplaying/|Doctor Who in Marvel Heroic Roleplaying]] by [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:brentnewhall|Brent Newhall]] gives us a take on Dr. Who statted up for Marvel.
-  * **__The Call To Assembly, Volume 1__, our collection of the first 2 months of Gamer Assembly posts** is now available as a free PDF at [[http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=99713|RPG Now]] and as a not-free printed magazine at [[http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/the-call-to-assembly-issue-1/18900870|Lulu]]!+  * [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net/2012/05/another-doctor-for-marvel-heroic-roleplaying/|Another Doctor for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying]] by [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:brianliberge|Brian Liberge]] provides a different take on The Doctor, also statted up for Marvel.
-  * [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net/2012/03/firearms-and-other-weapons-modern-assembly/|Firearms and other Modern Weapons]] by [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:BrianLiberge|Brian Liberge]] brings chainsaws, grenades, guns and the like into your 4e game. +Both of these writeups for The Doctor completely nail itWho says there'only one way to do something?
- +
-  * [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net/2012/03/fated-theme-modern-assembly/|Fated Theme]] by [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:BrianLiberge|Brian Liberge]] presents heroes who become great in extraordinary circumstance, for Modern Assembly. +
- +
-  * (PLEASE COPY THIS AUTHOR LINK!) [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net/2012/03/faceman-theme-modern-assembly/|Modern Assembly: Faceman Theme]] by [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:BrianLiberge|Brian Liberge]] shows us the benefits of Charisma as your character'prime attribute. I especially enjoy the Nothing To See Here utility power.+
 ===== Away ===== ===== Away =====
 //Content from people involved with The Gamer Assembly posted elsewhere across the Internet.// //Content from people involved with The Gamer Assembly posted elsewhere across the Internet.//
-  * [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:twwombat|T.W.Wombat]] finally catches up with last September's OSR Challenge [[http://asshatpaladins.blogspot.com/2011/07/osr-challenge-september-of-short.html|A September of Short Adventures]] by working on his [[http://gamerblog.twwombat.com/2011/09/osr-challenge-month-of-traveller.html|Traveller Adventure Arc]]. This week's mini-adventures are:  [[http://gamerblog.twwombat.com/2012/03/traveller-adventure-slipping-away-with.html|Slipping Away with Dr. Falken]], [[http://gamerblog.twwombat.com/2012/03/traveller-adventure-chase-is-joined.html|The Chase Is Joined]], [[http://gamerblog.twwombat.com/2012/03/traveller-adventure-whos-chasing-whom.html|Who's Chasing Whom?]] +  * [[http://rpg.brentnewhall.com/2012/05/200-of-rpgs-for-25/|$200 of RPGs for $25]] by [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:brianliberge|Brian Liberge]] plugs the [[http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/101782/The-2nd-Annual-Wayne-Foundation-Charity-Pack&affiliate_id=296418|2nd Annual Wayne Foundation Charity Pack]]. It'only available until Friday, so hop to it!
- +
-  * [[http://asusurrusincarcosa.blogspot.com/2012/03/party-of-one-kalgor-bloodhammer-and.html|Party of One: Kalgor Bloodhammer and the Ghouls Through the Breach, a review]] by [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:hyperform|Chris Jackson]]. A review of the first in Open Design's new "Party of One" series of solo adventures. +
- +
-  * [[http://trollitc.com/2012/03/magic-in-classic-dd/|Magic In Classic D&D]] is an article over at [[http://trollitc.com|Troll In the Corner]] by our very own [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:BrentNewhall|Brent Newhall]] wherein he discusses the thought processes involved in creating his own retroclone, Dungeon Raiders. +
- +
-  * For this month's entry in the [[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/gamenight/|Game Night Blog Carnival]], [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:twwombat|T.W.Wombat]] reviewed the Steve Jackson classic [[http://gamerblog.twwombat.com/2012/03/game-night-blog-carnival-car-wars-card.html|Car wars: The Card Game]]. It'been 11 years since the second edition came out, so I think it's time for a reprint. +
- +
-  * [[http://rpg.brentnewhall.com/2012/03/great-generic-rpg-systems/|Great Generic RPG Systems]] at [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:BrentNewhall|Brent Newhall]]'s [[http://rpg.brentnewhall.com/|RPG Doctor]] blog describes a handful of useful generic RPG systems to keep in one's back pocket. +
- +
-  * [[http://stuffershack.com/marvel-editable-datafile-featuring-thor/|Marvel Editable Datafile featuring Thor]] by [[wiki:user:brianliberge|Brian Liberge]] provides a word style datafile for use with the Marvel RPG and provides stats for the God of Thunder!+
 ===== Notes From Abroad ===== ===== Notes From Abroad =====
 //Other interesting articles and cool links.//\\ //Other interesting articles and cool links.//\\
-//Wizards of the Coast went public with their [[http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4ll/20120109|announcement about the next edition of D&D]] on Monday 09 January 2012. We're collecting [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=d_d_next|D&D Next links in our wiki]]. If we've missed any good ones that you've read, feel free to let us know in the comments or [[http://webchat.gamerassembly.net/|join us in the chat]].// 
-  * [[http://critical-hits.com/2012/03/27/how-economics-ruined-my-gaming-joie-de-mediocre/|How Economics Ruined My Gaming Joie De Médiocre]] by Vanir at [[http://critical-hits.com/|Critical-Hits]] takes a look at how having less available leisure time makes us more critical of the games we play. +  * The [[http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1675907842/pathfinder-online-technology-demo|Pathfinder Online Technology Demo]] is a Kickstarter project to build a demo for a Pathfinder MMO. Here'hoping it does well.
- +
-  * And while we're short on time, [[http://www.gnomestew.com/gming-advice/no-more-average-campaigns|No More Average Campaigns]] at [[http://www.gnomestew.com/|Gnome Stew]] says there's no shame in killing an average campaign since there's only so much gaming time to go around. Go for the awesome. +
- +
-  * Also on [[http://www.gnomestew.com/|Gnome Stew]], Martin Ralya achieves a state of Zen as he preps his dice in [[http://www.gnomestew.com/crock-pot/things-i-learned-while-inking-14-gamescience-dice-with-a-crayon|Things I Learned While "Inking" 14 GameScience Dice with a Crayon]]+
- +
-  * [[http://www.quartertothree.com/fp/2012/03/27/its-a-man-ray-kind-of-sky/|It's a Man Ray Kind of Sky]] encourages all of us to out ourselves as gamers and to shed the mantle of self-loathing. "People often ask how wargamers justify their fascination with playing games about mass destruction.  ... The best argument I’ve heard is who cares, because if you don’t like it, you’re free to go to hell." +
- +
-  * Speaking of which, Norway's new Minister of International Development gives an interview about his gamer roots entitled [[http://imagonem.org/2012/03/27/larps-can-change-the-world/|LARPs Can Change the World]]. Also take a look at [[http://nerdapproved.com/gaming/how-roleplaying-games-could-spark-social-change/|How Roleplaying Games Could Spark Social Change]] for some commentary at [[http://nerdapproved.com/|Nerd Approved]]. +
- +
-  * If you're looking for really good anecdotes from the gaming table, take a long look at [[http://fakewarstories.tumblr.com/|the Fake War Stories Tumblr]]. Yeah, there's an Arrow of Slaying for that. +
- +
-  * [[http://charactergen.net/risking-it-all/|Risking It All]] on the just-launched-this-week blog [[http://charactergen.net/|Character Generation]] shares a simple equation involving risk and impact that explains why we strive for the heroic even when the rules don't support that choice. Congratulations on the blog launch, and I look forward to more great articles from Liz and Lyndsay in the weeks and months to come! +
- +
-  * Character Generation is also mentioned in [[http://rdonoghue.blogspot.com/2012/03/space-race.html|Space Race]] over at [[http://rdonoghue.blogspot.com/|Some Space to Think]]. The rest of the article covers how Bulldogs! handles race using a short list of attributes to pick from. It's a great technique that can extend beyond FATE and into other systems to breathe some life into all PC races. It can even work to make institutions like martial arts schools have a specific and recognizable flavor. +
- +
-  * [[http://strangemagic.robertsongames.com/2012/03/bard-for-basic-d.html|The Bard for Basic D&D]] at [[http://strangemagic.robertsongames.com/|Strange Magic]] reimagines the much-maligned bard as a sub-class of Magic User in OD&D or OSR systems, who can wear leather armor and identify magic items. I like that approach. +
- +
-  * [[http://dungeonsmaster.com/2012/03/residuum/|The Oil of D&D--Residuum as Natural Resource]] at [[http://dungeonsmaster.com|The Dungeon's Master]] explores the possibility of utilizing residuum as a marketable commodity, and source of economic exploitation. +
- +
-  * [[http://www.sarahdarkmagic.com/content/beyond-random-plot-points-and-dynamic-worlds|Beyond Random Plot Points and Dynamic Worlds]] at [[http://www.sarahdarkmagic.com/|Sarah Darkmagic]] makes a pitch for system that blends rigid planning, random tables, and wild improvisation to build adventures that appeal to everybody. Also check out her related thoughts about D&D Next in [[http://www.sarahdarkmagic.com/content/backstab-sneak-attack-and-suggestions-more-modular-design|Backstab, Sneak Attack, and Suggestions for More Modular Design]]. And as an all too appropriate three-fer, [[http://www.sarahdarkmagic.com/content/three-year-anniversary-thanks-everyone|Happy Third Anniversary]]! +
- +
-  * Over at [[http://hackslashmaster.blogspot.com/|Hack & Slash]], [[http://hackslashmaster.blogspot.com/2012/03/on-village-calm.html|On the Village Calm]] puts forth a system for describing villages and other small settlements called Quadruple D. I love good framework for describing things. +
- +
-  * [[http://gothridgemanor.blogspot.com/|Gothridge Manor]] gives us some quick thoughts on [[http://gothridgemanor.blogspot.com/2012/03/adding-quirk-into-npcs.html|Adding Quirk into NPCs]]. Spoiler: Don't overdo it. +
- +
-  * [[http://bloodofprokopius.blogspot.com/2012/03/3x5-map-experiment.html|A 3x5 Map Experiment]] expands dungeon geomorphs into small connected dungeon areas drawn on 3x5 cards. That's a great-looking dungeon in the article at [[http://bloodofprokopius.blogspot.com/|Blood of Prokopius]], plus a challenge to make more 3x5 maps to hook together into more organic-looking larger dungeons. +
- +
-  * Also on the mapping front, [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/2012/03/29/dungeons-of-carcassonne/|Dungeons of Carcassonne]] at [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/|In My Campaign]] presents the kernel of an idea to adapt Carcassonne kingdom tiles for use as random dungeon tiles. I'd love to see this fleshed out a bit more. +
- +
-  * For those of you (like me) who really enjoy the WyRM system from Stargazer Games that powers [[http://www.stargazergames.eu/games/warrior-rogue-mage/|Warrior, Rogue & Mage]] and [[http://www.stargazergames.eu/games/resolute-adventurer-genius/|Resolute, Adventurer & Genius]], there's a new Wyrm SF game in the works. Here'a [[http://www.rpgtabletalk.com/index.php?topic=487.0|Directional Discussion]] over at the [[http://www.rpgtabletalk.com/|RPG Table Talk forums]]. +
- +
-  * How is roleplaying like smoking pot? Spotlight control! Read the full answer at [[http://www.thoughtcrimegames.net/|Thoughtcrime]], called [[http://www.thoughtcrimegames.net/table-techniques-puff-puff-pass/|Table Techniques: Puff-Puff-Pass]].+
 ===== MetaRoundup ===== ===== MetaRoundup =====
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 //Please let us know about other weekly roundups in the comments!// //Please let us know about other weekly roundups in the comments!//
-  * [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/|Game Knight Reviews]] comes out with [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/category/links/|Friday Knight News]] articles on Fridays. Check out [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/2012/03/friday-knight-news-gaming-edition-30-mar-2012/|this week'news]] to see 10 secrets to creating unforgettable supporting charactersplayers taking center stage less (and more) often than they should, and achieving a state of Flow in gaming.+  * [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/|Game Knight Reviews]] comes out with [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/category/links/|Friday Knight News]] articles on Fridays. Check out [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/2012/05/friday-knight-news-gaming-edition-11-may-2012/|this week'Gaming Edition]] to see why we GM and who we GM for, 4 ways to use an iPad to help with your tabletop RPG, and 25 tips to create mystery. 
 +  * [[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/|Roving Band of Misfits]] publishes their [[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/category/weekly-roundup/|Weekly Roundup]] column every Sunday. This week's [[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/2012/05/weekly-roundup-unhallowed-grove-map-edition/|Unhallowed Grove Map Edition]] gives us the phrase that makes cons more fun, several links to maps, and invented worlds known more clinically as paracosms.
-  * [[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/|Roving Band of Misfits]] publishes their [[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/category/weekly-roundup/|Weekly Roundup]] column every SundayThis week'[[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/2012/04/weekly-roundup-errata-messed-me-up-edition/|Errata Messed me Up Edition]] gives us some phenomenal tips on running a 4e D&D game, a look at art across all the D&D editions, and character damage output across all 30 character levels.+  * Keith Davies maintains [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/|In My Campaign]] and on Mondays he publishes a collection of [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/category/series/links-of-the-week/|Links of the Week]] including recommended Kickstarter projects and interesting YouTube videosTake a look at  [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/2012/05/09/links-of-the-week-may-9-2012/|this week's collection]] which includes the arcane and awesome-looking Serpent's Tongue Kickstarter, Gaiman on Copyright, and the release of Heroes Against Darkness.
-  * Keith Davies maintains [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/|In My Campaign]] and he publishes a collection of [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/category/series/links-of-the-week/|Links of the Week]] including recommended Kickstarter projects and interesting YouTube videosTake a look at [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/2012/03/26/links-of-the-week-march-26-2012/|this week's collection]] which includes ?+  * [[http://gamingaswomen.com/|Gaming As Women]] gathers links in their This Week in Gaming and This Week in Feminism series of articles on Sundays. Both series are collected under [[http://gamingaswomen.com/topics/news/|the News category]]. [[http://gamingaswomen.com/posts/2012/05/this-week-in-gaming-4/|This Week in Gaming]] features Lizzie Stark’s book __Leaving Mundania: Inside the Transformative World of Live Action Role Playing Games__ and sightings of Monsterhearts in the wild.
-  * [[http://critical-hits.com|Critical Hits]] aggregates [[http://twitter.com/criticalhits|their Twitter feed]] and publishes it on Sundays under [[http://critical-hits.com/category/critical-hits/news/critical-bits/|Critical Bits]]. [[http://critical-hits.com/2012/04/01/critical-bits-for-the-week-ending-2012-04-01-2/|This week's Critical Bits]] mentions a 4e D&D hack for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, a new small press fiction shop started by gamers called Candlemark & Gleam, and a new line of D&D minis (April Fools!).+  * [[http://critical-hits.com|Critical Hits]] aggregates [[http://twitter.com/criticalhits|their Twitter feed]] and publishes it on Sundays under [[http://critical-hits.com/category/critical-hits/news/critical-bits/|Critical Bits]]. [[http://critical-hits.com/2012/05/13/critical-bits-for-the-week-ending-2012-05-13-3/|This week's Critical Bits]] mentions descriptive phrases to swipe for your next combat scene, and Fantasy Flight updating the Netrunner CCG.

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