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 //Articles posted here on [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net|The Gamer Assembly]].// //Articles posted here on [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net|The Gamer Assembly]].//
-  * **April's Blog Theme at The Gamer Assembly is "Gaming Fools"covering the outlandishcrazy, and over-the-top games and situations that grace every table at least once.** Have a gonzo RPG article idea? Contact us for guest blogger opportunities!+  * **__The Call To Assembly, Volume 2__our 2nd collection of Gamer Assembly posts** is now available as a free PDF at [[http://www.rpgnow.com/product/101605/Call-to-Assembly%2C-issue-2|RPG Now]] and as a not-free printed magazine at [[http://www.lulu.com/shop/brent-newhall/call-to-assembly-issue-2/paperback/product-20079752.html|Lulu]]!
-  * **__The Call To Assembly, Volume 1__, our collection of the first 2 months of Gamer Assembly posts** is now available as a free PDF at [[http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=99713|RPG Now]] and as a not-free printed magazine at [[http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/the-call-to-assembly-issue-1/18900870|Lulu]]!+  * [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net/2012/05/doctor-who-in-marvel-heroic-roleplaying/|Doctor Who in Marvel Heroic Roleplaying]] by [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:brentnewhall|Brent Newhall]] gives us a take on Dr. Who statted up for Marvel.
-  * (PLEASE USE THIS AUTHOR LINK!)[[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net/2012/04/the-ga-panel-at-pax-east/|The GA Panel at PAX East]] by [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:twwombat|T.W.Wombat]] gives panelist-eye view of the Gamer Assembly panel at PAX East on FridayThank you to everyone who came, and a double thank you to everyone who asked us questions!+  * [[http://blogs.gamerassembly.net/2012/05/another-doctor-for-marvel-heroic-roleplaying/|Another Doctor for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying]] by [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:brianliberge|Brian Liberge]] provides different take on The Doctor, also statted up for Marvel. 
 +Both of these writeups for The Doctor completely nail it. Who says there's only one way to do something?
 ===== Away ===== ===== Away =====
 //Content from people involved with The Gamer Assembly posted elsewhere across the Internet.// //Content from people involved with The Gamer Assembly posted elsewhere across the Internet.//
-  * [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:twwombat|T.W.Wombat]] dumps his PAX East experience onto his site in several chunks, including [[http://gamerblog.twwombat.com/2012/04/field-guide-to-new-england-paxbound.html|Field Guide to the New England PAXbound Wombat]][[http://gamerblog.twwombat.com/2012/04/first-day-of-pax-east.html|The First Day of PAX East]][[http://gamerblog.twwombat.com/2012/04/pax-east-saturday-retrospective.html|PAX East: Saturday Retrospective]], [[http://gamerblog.twwombat.com/2012/04/pax-east-goals-checklist.html|PAX East: Goals Checklist]] +  * [[http://rpg.brentnewhall.com/2012/05/200-of-rpgs-for-25/|$200 of RPGs for $25]] by [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=wiki:user:brianliberge|Brian Liberge]] plugs the [[http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/101782/The-2nd-Annual-Wayne-Foundation-Charity-Pack&affiliate_id=296418|2nd Annual Wayne Foundation Charity Pack]]. It's only available until Friday, so hop to it!
 ===== Notes From Abroad ===== ===== Notes From Abroad =====
 //Other interesting articles and cool links.//\\ //Other interesting articles and cool links.//\\
-//Wizards of the Coast went public with their [[http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4ll/20120109|announcement about the next edition of D&D]] on Monday 09 January 2012. We're collecting [[http://gamerassembly.net/doku.php?id=d_d_next|D&D Next links in our wiki]]. If we've missed any good ones that you've read, feel free to let us know in the comments or [[http://webchat.gamerassembly.net/|join us in the chat]].// 
-  * Monte Cook thinks [[http://montecook.livejournal.com/251181.html|Crunch vs. Fluff]] is a false dichotomy that ignores the essence of role playing games. Robin Laws takes a different angle on that idea in [[http://robin-d-laws.blogspot.ca/2012/04/false-dichotomy-or-real-though-annoying.html|False Dichotomy, or Real, Though Annoying Dichotomy?]] +  * The [[http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1675907842/pathfinder-online-technology-demo|Pathfinder Online Technology Demo]] is Kickstarter project to build demo for a Pathfinder MMOHere'hoping it does well.
- +
-  * [[http://www.wizards.com/DnD/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4ll/20120409|D&D Next Design Considerations]] at [[http://www.wizards.com/|Wizards of the Coast]] gives a peek into how the designers approach the rules revision with a list of directives. [[http://www.latorra.org/|Syntax Error]] gives us a reaction to this article in [[http://www.latorra.org/2012/04/09/dd-next-design-considerations/|D&D Next Design Considerations]]. +
- +
-  * [[http://leapingwizards.blogspot.com/2012/04/role-playing-tips-for-beginners.html|Role Playing Tips for Beginners]] at the new blog [[http://leapingwizards.blogspot.com/|Leaping Wizards]] gives some guidance for players and GMs just starting with RPGs. You can also find some great food for thought in [[http://leapingwizards.blogspot.com/2012/04/gm-tips-story-vs-mechanics.html|GM Tips: Story vs. Mechanics]]. +
- +
-  * [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/2012/04/the-gassy-gnoll-how-i-came-to-lovehate-combat-rpg-blog-carnival-april-2012/|The Gassy Gnoll: How I Came to Love/Hate Combat]] at [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/|Game Knight Reviews]] takes a look at combat avoidance and how to keep combat interesting as an entry in the April RPG Blog Carnival being hosted at [[http://www.exchangeofrealities.com/2012/04/02/rpg-blog-carnival-combat-avoidance/|Exchange of Realities]]. +
- +
-  * Liz at [[http://charactergen.net/|Character Generation]] lists the five games that have shaped the way she sees gaming in [[http://charactergen.net/my-five-games/|My Five Games]]. +
- +
-  * Ryan Shelton muses about emotional manipulation as a reason why he plays RPGs in [[http://plus.google.com/111514566793304619427/posts/Ssmmo2QVcdD|this Google Plus post]]. +
- +
-  * [[http://chaosgrenade.com/post/20842856824/chaosgrenade-update-wyrmsf|ChaosGrenade Update: WyRM SF]] gives us a taste of what will be in the upcoming WyRM SF game. +
- +
-  * If you're in the mood to play a totally random superhero, check out this [[http://marvel.raventower.com/|Random Marvel Datafile Generator]]. It's a little clunky, but then again it's totally random. +
- +
-  * [[http://pyromancers.com/dungeon-painter-online/|Dungeon Painter Online]] at [[http://pyromancers.com/|Pyromancers]] gives you way to create your own dungeon tiles or other maps and export them in image or PDF formats. +
- +
-  * Where are the moons tonight? [[http://jrients.blogspot.com/|Jeff's Gameblog]] has very cool random tool to answer that question, called [[http://jrients.blogspot.com/2012/04/heres-thing-i-made.html?m=1|The Orrery of Sarpedon]]. +
- +
-  * [[http://www.fromoldbooks.org/|From Old Books]] provides free public domain images and pictures copied from old books. I'll need to take a closer look at this site for some upcoming projects. +
- +
-  * [[http://rpg.stackexchange.com/|The RPG Stackexchange]] is out of beta, and they've got great new design to bootCheck out this free Q&A site for RPGs. Ask or answer questions and help out the community! +
- +
-  * If you're interested in Kickstarter projects, [[http://www.geekindustrialcomplex.com/|Geek Industrial Complex]] has done some analysis on crowdsourced projects in [[http://www.geekindustrialcomplex.com/articles/crowdfunding-report-part-1|2011-2012 Report on 150 RPG Crowdfunding Projects]]. +
- +
-  * It may be unintentional, but some situations make women uncomfortable, like this one described in [[http://omglazerkittens.blogspot.com/2012/04/sexism-in-industry.html|Sexism in the Industry]] at [[http://omglazerkittens.blogspot.com/|OMG Lazer Kittens]]. +
- +
-  * [[http://critical-hits.com/2012/04/10/one-hundred-monkeys-one-hundred-typewriters-one-hundred-wands-of-magic-missile/#comment-90955|100 Monkeys, 100 Typewriters, 100 Wands of Magic Missile]] by Vanir at [[http://critical-hits.com/|Critical-Hits]] inspires me to submit while the Dragon and Dungeon submission window is open. +
- +
-  * And while on the subject of inspiration, take 3 minutes to watch Ze Frank'[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYlCVwxoL_g&feature=youtu.be|And Invocation For Beginnings]]. FILDI. +
- +
-  * A ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world has been statted up for //Marvel Heroic Roleplaying//: [[http://atminn.wordpress.com/2012/04/12/the-gangs-all-here-g-i-joes-cobra-2/|The Gang's All Here: G.I. Joe's Cobra]]+
 ===== MetaRoundup ===== ===== MetaRoundup =====
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 //Please let us know about other weekly roundups in the comments!// //Please let us know about other weekly roundups in the comments!//
-  * [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/|Game Knight Reviews]] comes out with [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/category/links/|Friday Knight News]] articles on Fridays. Check out [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/2012/04/friday-knight-news-gaming-edition-6-apr-2012/|this week'news]] to see ?+  * [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/|Game Knight Reviews]] comes out with [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/category/links/|Friday Knight News]] articles on Fridays. Check out [[http://www.gameknightreviews.com/2012/05/friday-knight-news-gaming-edition-11-may-2012/|this week'Gaming Edition]] to see why we GM and who we GM for, 4 ways to use an iPad to help with your tabletop RPG, and 25 tips to create mystery. 
 +  * [[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/|Roving Band of Misfits]] publishes their [[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/category/weekly-roundup/|Weekly Roundup]] column every Sunday. This week's [[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/2012/05/weekly-roundup-unhallowed-grove-map-edition/|Unhallowed Grove Map Edition]] gives us the phrase that makes cons more fun, several links to maps, and invented worlds known more clinically as paracosms.
-  * [[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/|Roving Band of Misfits]] publishes their [[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/category/weekly-roundup/|Weekly Roundup]] column every SundayThis week'[[http://www.rovingbandofmisfits.com/2012/04/weekly-roundup-papercraft-dragon-edition/|Papercraft Dragon Edition]] gives us ?+  * Keith Davies maintains [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/|In My Campaign]] and on Mondays he publishes a collection of [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/category/series/links-of-the-week/|Links of the Week]] including recommended Kickstarter projects and interesting YouTube videosTake a look at  [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/2012/05/09/links-of-the-week-may-9-2012/|this week's collection]] which includes the arcane and awesome-looking Serpent's Tongue Kickstarter, Gaiman on Copyright, and the release of Heroes Against Darkness.
-  * Keith Davies maintains [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/|In My Campaign]] and he publishes a collection of [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/category/series/links-of-the-week/|Links of the Week]] including recommended Kickstarter projects and interesting YouTube videosTake a look at [[http://www.kjd-imc.org/2012/04/09/links-of-the-week-april-9-2012/|this week's collection]] which includes ?+  * [[http://gamingaswomen.com/|Gaming As Women]] gathers links in their This Week in Gaming and This Week in Feminism series of articles on Sundays. Both series are collected under [[http://gamingaswomen.com/topics/news/|the News category]]. [[http://gamingaswomen.com/posts/2012/05/this-week-in-gaming-4/|This Week in Gaming]] features Lizzie Stark’s book __Leaving Mundania: Inside the Transformative World of Live Action Role Playing Games__ and sightings of Monsterhearts in the wild.
-  * [[http://critical-hits.com|Critical Hits]] aggregates [[http://twitter.com/criticalhits|their Twitter feed]] and publishes it on Sundays under [[http://critical-hits.com/category/critical-hits/news/critical-bits/|Critical Bits]]. [[http://critical-hits.com/2012/04/01/critical-bits-for-the-week-ending-2012-04-01-2/|This week's Critical Bits]] mentions ?+  * [[http://critical-hits.com|Critical Hits]] aggregates [[http://twitter.com/criticalhits|their Twitter feed]] and publishes it on Sundays under [[http://critical-hits.com/category/critical-hits/news/critical-bits/|Critical Bits]]. [[http://critical-hits.com/2012/05/13/critical-bits-for-the-week-ending-2012-05-13-3/|This week's Critical Bits]] mentions descriptive phrases to swipe for your next combat scene, and Fantasy Flight updating the Netrunner CCG.

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