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The Weekly Assembly

On this page, we link to our blog posts of the week under At Home and other interesting links under Abroad. Every Monday morning around 7AM Eastern (Noon GMT), twwombat posts this page to, then clears it out for the next week.

At Home

Articles posted here on The Gamer Assembly.

  • Only 4 Gaming Days Until PAX East! If you'll be in Boston on Easter weekend April 6-8, you owe it to yourself to attend the best gaming con. Three-day passes have sold out, but you can still pick up day passes. We'll be there running the “Fix Your RPG Problems with the RPG Doctor and Gamer Assembly” panel on Friday, April 6 at 7 pm in the Merman Theatre. Will we see you there?
  • April's Blog Theme at The Gamer Assembly is “Gaming Fools”, covering the outlandish, crazy, and over-the-top games and situations that grace every table at least once. Have a gonzo RPG article idea? Contact us for guest blogger opportunities!
  • The Call To Assembly, Volume 1, our collection of the first 2 months of Gamer Assembly posts is now available as a free PDF at RPG Now and as a not-free printed magazine at Lulu!


Content from people involved with The Gamer Assembly posted elsewhere across the Internet.

Notes From Abroad

Other interesting articles and cool links.
Wizards of the Coast went public with their announcement about the next edition of D&D on Monday 09 January 2012. We're collecting D&D Next links in our wiki. If we've missed any good ones that you've read, feel free to let us know in the comments or join us in the chat.

  • And while we're short on time, No More Average Campaigns at Gnome Stew says there's no shame in killing an average campaign since there's only so much gaming time to go around. Go for the awesome.
  • It's a Man Ray Kind of Sky encourages all of us to out ourselves as gamers and to shed the mantle of self-loathing. “People often ask how wargamers justify their fascination with playing games about mass destruction. … The best argument I’ve heard is who cares, because if you don’t like it, you’re free to go to hell.”
  • If you're looking for really good anecdotes from the gaming table, take a long look at the Fake War Stories Tumblr. Yeah, there's an Arrow of Slaying for that.
  • Risking It All on the just-launched-this-week blog Character Generation shares a simple equation involving risk and impact that explains why we strive for the heroic even when the rules don't support that choice. Congratulations on the blog launch, and I look forward to more great articles from Liz and Lyndsay in the weeks and months to come!
  • Character Generation is also mentioned in Space Race over at Some Space to Think. The rest of the article covers how Bulldogs! handles race using a short list of attributes to pick from. It's a great technique that can extend beyond FATE and into other systems to breathe some life into all PC races. It can even work to make institutions like martial arts schools have a specific and recognizable flavor.
  • The Bard for Basic D&D at Strange Magic reimagines the much-maligned bard as a sub-class of Magic User in OD&D or OSR systems, who can wear leather armor and identify magic items. I like that approach.
  • Over at Hack & Slash, On the Village Calm puts forth a system for describing villages and other small settlements called Quadruple D. I love a good framework for describing things.
  • A 3x5 Map Experiment expands dungeon geomorphs into small connected dungeon areas drawn on 3×5 cards. That's a great-looking dungeon in the article at Blood of Prokopius, plus a challenge to make more 3×5 maps to hook together into more organic-looking larger dungeons.
  • Also on the mapping front, Dungeons of Carcassonne at In My Campaign presents the kernel of an idea to adapt Carcassonne kingdom tiles for use as random dungeon tiles. I'd love to see this fleshed out a bit more.


A roundup of roundups featuring links of interest to the tabletop RPG community. Please let us know about other weekly roundups in the comments!

  • Game Knight Reviews comes out with Friday Knight News articles on Fridays. Check out this week's news to see 10 secrets to creating unforgettable supporting characters, players taking center stage less (and more) often than they should, and achieving a state of Flow in gaming.

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