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The Weekly Assembly

On this page, we link to our blog posts of the week under At Home and other interesting links under Abroad. Every Monday morning around 7AM Eastern (Noon GMT), twwombat posts this page to, then clears it out for the next week.

At Home

Articles posted here on The Gamer Assembly.

  • April's Blog Theme at The Gamer Assembly is “Gaming Fools”, covering the outlandish, crazy, and over-the-top games and situations that grace every table at least once. Have a gonzo RPG article idea? Contact us for guest blogger opportunities!
  • The Call To Assembly, Volume 1, our collection of the first 2 months of Gamer Assembly posts is now available as a free PDF at RPG Now and as a not-free printed magazine at Lulu!


Content from people involved with The Gamer Assembly posted elsewhere across the Internet.

  • Helping Player Play Better by Brent Newhall introduces a tool for more effective player immersion. Try declaring “Drama Time” at your next game and encourage your players to get into their characters.

Notes From Abroad

Other interesting articles and cool links.
Wizards of the Coast went public with their announcement about the next edition of D&D on Monday 09 January 2012. We're collecting D&D Next links in our wiki. If we've missed any good ones that you've read, feel free to let us know in the comments or join us in the chat.

  • Gnome Stew published a couple of great articles this week. Story Mashups for Improvising provides a framework for taking several story plotlines and combining them into a richly-detailed game at the drop of a hat. Also, DNA Phil lists the approaches and elements that work well for his games and encourages you to do the same in Signs of Campaign Greatness.
  • Ryan Shelton muses about emotional manipulation as a reason why he plays RPGs in this Google Plus post.
  • Skwervo Games just released the alpha playtest version of The Writer's System, a flexible RPG focused on storytelling and characterization.
  • If you remember the “No Elves” ads in Dragon Magazine, you'll be happy to know that Talislanta books of all editions are being scanned in and made available for free downloads. Talislanta also got a mention this week over at Tenkar's Tavern.
  • If you're in the mood to play a totally random superhero, check out this Random Marvel Datafile Generator. It's a little clunky, but then again it's totally random.
  • Telecanter's Receding Rules decides to take a completely different approach to dungeon design with The Rule-Based Dungeon, where the specific dungeon features shift based on set rules like performing prior actions or how many characters are in the party.
  • From Old Books provides free public domain images and pictures copied from old books. I'll need to take a closer look at this site for some upcoming projects.
  • The RPG Stackexchange is out of beta, and they've got a great new design to boot. Check out this free Q&A site for RPGs. Ask or answer questions and help out the community!
  • House Rules, Intent, and Affordances at Gaming As Women takes a look at the various possibilities in the intersection between design and perception. The cases of mismatched design and perception are fascinating to think about - either you've designed something that nobody uses or your players have made something you didn't intend.
  • And while on the subject of inspiration, take 3 minutes to watch Ze Frank's An Invocation For Beginnings. Powerful motivation juice. FILDI.


A roundup of roundups featuring links of interest to the tabletop RPG community. Please let us know about other weekly roundups in the comments!

  • Keith Davies maintains In My Campaign and he publishes a collection of Links of the Week including recommended Kickstarter projects and interesting YouTube videos. Take a look at this week's collection which includes the athletic body diversity reference for artists, John Cleese on creativity, and the magic of Polyhedral Pantheons.
  • Gaming As Women gathers links in their This Week in Gaming and This Week in Feminism series of articles. Both series are collected under the News category. This Week in Gaming features increasing diversity in the art for D&D Next, the importance of story over combat in Prose Before Blows, and a plea for more entries into this year's ENnies.

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