Vecna is a bot that resides in #GamerAssembly on the IRC chat channel. He was written and is maintained by DeusInnomen. The language is C#, if you're wondering.

Vecna is also temporarily housed in #4ednd on irc.otherworlders.org to greet people and announce the location of the new IRC server and new channel. On that server, Vecna has no other functionality loaded and will not respond to messages.

Vecna supports a number of functions based on what scripts have been loaded into memory. The functions available will be listed below and maintained as best as I can remember to. However, at any time if you would like to know what functions he recognizes, send a message to Venca with “!info” and he will reply back with a list of everything he knows how to respond to.

Please be mindful when using Vecna publicly in the channel, as spamming him with messages over and over can be disruptive to the conversation. If you would like to “play” with the bot, use a private message. The core functions also only reply privately for this same reason, as they can be long in reply.

Core Functions

Displays information on the bot, including the loaded scripts and their command words, if any.

!help [command]
Displays help information for a command or script. To get script help, use its Short Name as displayed in !info.

Dice Roller

!dice [Dice to Roll]
Rolls the specified dice, adding or subtracting modifiers if present. Examples include 1d6, 3d4, 2d8+1, 1d10-2, 1d6+1d8-2. (It doesn't have to be real dice, either, you can roll 2d87 just fine.)
The following special dice are available:
#dS = Rolls # Success dice, Shadowrun style. #d6 is rolled and any 1s are tallied as Failures while 5s and 6s are tallied as Successes. This roll cannot be modified in any way. (e.g. 2dS + 2 is invalid)
#dF = Rolls # Fudge dice. This is effectively 1d3-2 # times, producing -1, 0 or 1. This can be used with any modifiers, including other dice. (e.g. 3d6 + 4dF)
#d% = Rolls # percentile dice. Effectively a pseudonym for #d100.

A synonym for !dice.

!charstats [Method]
Rolls D&D character generation dice. The following Method options are available:
Standard = Rolls 4d6, dropping the lowest of the 4 dice, six times.
Classic = Rolls 3d6 six times.
Heroic = Rolls 2d6+6 six times.
If you preceed the Method with a '!' mark, you will get a verbose response that shows the individual rolls. (e.g. !charstats !Classic)

Last Seen

!seen [Nickname]
Responds with the time elapsed since that Nickname was seen in the channel, along with their last message.

!lastseen A synonym for !seen.

!leavemsg [Nickname] [Message (optional]
Leaves a message for a user to be privately messaged to them the next time they join or speak in the channel. The system can store any number of messages. If the Message field is left out, the user will be told “<Your Name> was looking for you.”

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